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     Growing up my parents were constantly telling me to tone it down, get my head out of the clouds, and to stop being so dramatic.  If I was doing the dishes, it was in character.  I was a poor orphan forced to labor away for a cruel master.  My brother quickly learned to play “the cruel master,” and loaded all of our assigned chores onto my ever willing, perception-lacking shoulders while he watched TV.  Yeah, I was that kid. 

     While I have learned to “tone it down,” I have never grown out of my love for playing pretend.  As an adult, though, it’s harder to get away with talking in a voice not your own, to people who aren’t there.  That’s why the good Lord gave us the theatre.  As someone with a degree in theatre, I am no longer a strange lady talking to herself in the corner while her children are eating lunch.  No, I am an actress studiously working to perfect her craft.  I love my job.


BFA in Theatre with 20 years experience acting and directing hit plays.

Audiobook training from Arthur Insana, Joe Loesch and Pat Fraley

Ongoing training with Nancy Wolfson of Braintracks Audio.